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August 20, 2014

Center Control Keyboard


'Center Control Keyboard (CCK)' is my new idea, keyboard for PC, which has different key arrangement from traditional one.
Typical arrangement for English is shown as Fig.1(Right Shift Version).
The feature of this keyboard is summarized to 3 points.
'Small Space key'
The width of Space key fits in the range 100~150% of a character key.
And keys next to Space key, have same width as Space key.
'Shift key is located in one of home position of thumbs'
'Control key is located in the center of two home positions of thumb'
As the result, operator can easily make collaborative work between Shift key and character keys, also between Control key and character keys, by touch typing.

This idea is based on 3 concepts.
'Even thumbs have their home position, just as other fingers'
'One thumb can control two or three keys by touch typing, just as other fingers'
'The feature of thumb is a easiness of collaborative work with other fingers'
I found these concepts through a training of 'OYAYUBI shift', a way of input Japanese text.

'Center Control Keyboard' is now, just an idea, not exist as a product.
I already applied this idea for a patent, now waiting for approval.
After approval, I will provide this new type keyboard for you, maybe with a help of some investors and collaborators.
Please wait, for a year or so.

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